The basic topics are
Scripture and Tradition; incorporating his personal testimony.
Mary and
Holy Eucharist
Steve will also answer the controversial questions like
Scripture and Tradition or Bible Alone?
Is the Roman Catholic Church really founded by Jesus Christ?
Do Catholic priests have the authority and power to forgive sins?
Is the Pope infallible?
Do Catholics worship Mary?
Why pray to dead saints?
1 Timothy 2:5 or Another mediator?
The Immaculate Conception and Queen of Heaven – Where is that in the Bible?
Passover meal to Eucharistic Sacrifice
Catholic Mass instead of the once and for all sacrifice?
Real Presence or John 6:63 the flesh is of no avail?
It promises to be an exciting day, as Steve is not only an inspired speaker but explains difficult issues in a clear and easy to understand way, with inimitable humour as well

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