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Conference Update

Thanks to all who came to the Family of Faith Conference on 13 August. We estimate that around 250 people attended. It was a wonderful day and a DVD should be available soon.


What is an “Apologist”? Does it mean saying sorry?

An Apologist is someone who speaks in defence of a doctrine or belief. In the case of Steve Ray, it means he defends or vindicates the teaching and beliefs of the Catholic Church.  Some of the earliest Christian apologists were St Paul, St Justin Martyr and St Irenaeus.  The modern term “apology” derives from this but has acquired the different meaning of expressing regret for a fault.

So being an Apologist doesn’t mean you always have to say you’re sorry!

Too old for World Youth Day?! RCIA in one day! Lunch!

Are you too old for World Youth Day in Madrid or simply unable to go? Never mind, come along on Saturday and hear about the riches of the Catholic Faith from Steve Ray!

It will be a bit like having an RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) course in one day! Ideal for those who are thinking of starting an RCIA course this Autumn, or sponsors, catechists, or anyone wanting to learn or brush up on their Faith. It will be an enjoyable and stimulating day out for everyone!

Please bring a packed lunch or use one of the many cafes or shops nearby.  There will be no lunch provided.

It’s not too late to register!

We will be taking registrations upto Friday 12 August.  If you register in advance, you will have to pay only the £10 advance rate.  If you have not registered in advance, you will be asked to pay £15 on the door on Saturday.

Tickets have been selling fast this week so don’t delay too long, phone 020 3286 7989 or e-mail

More feedback from New Dawn Conference

Here is some more feedback from a lady who attended the New Dawn conference at Walsingham last week:

I’ve just returned home from this conference.Up until 2 years ago i had lived in Walsingham for 17 years and annually attended New Dawn.I have to say i have rarely been more inspired by a speaker than i was this year by Steve Ray! I was present at all his talks and was truly fired up by the content and delivery of them all! All Catholics…All Christians…indeed ALL people seeking THE TRUTH need to hear him!!The time is NOW!”


Steve at New Dawn and Evangelium conferences

Steve Ray spoke at the New Dawn conference at Walsingham last week and at Evangelium at Reading this last weekend. His talks on Mary and on Peter and the Papacy received standing ovations and he was described as “a real breath of fresh air” and “amazingly powerful”.  Can’t wait to hear him in London on Saturday 13 August!

Details of the conference

Please see the attached document which gives details of the conference

Family of Faith UK Conference – London 2011

Steve’s website

Don’t forget to check out Steve’s website ahead of booking for this conference.  It contains lots of information about Steve, his writings, pilgrimages and his journey to the Catholic Church.

Steve’s website is at

A wonderful opportunity!

Former Protestant Evangelist and now World Renowned Catholic Convert Steve Ray will be in the UK and speaking at a Day Conference at Westminster Cathedral Hall on Saturday 13 August from 9.30-5.30.

Come and hear Steve’s story and his unique and lively presentation of the beauty and truth of the Catholic Faith. Tickets £10 in advance, £15 on the door. Contact Family of Faith Tel: 020 3286 7989 E-mail: Website where more information will appear over the coming weeks.

To register, send a cheque payable to “Family of Faith UK” to 17 Salcombe Gardens, London SW4 9RY.