A wonderful opportunity!

Former Protestant Evangelist and now World Renowned Catholic Convert Steve Ray will be in the UK and speaking at a Day Conference at Westminster Cathedral Hall on Saturday 13 August from 9.30-5.30.

Come and hear Steve’s story and his unique and lively presentation of the beauty and truth of the Catholic Faith. Tickets £10 in advance, £15 on the door. Contact Family of Faith Tel: 020 3286 7989 E-mail: familyoffaithuk@gmail.com. Website familyoffaithuk.wordpress.com where more information will appear over the coming weeks.

To register, send a cheque payable to “Family of Faith UK” to 17 Salcombe Gardens, London SW4 9RY.


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  1. Hello Everyone! I am looking forward to the Family of Faith UK conference at Westminster Cathedral Hall London . I love to tell my story “From Baptist to Catholic” and then to explain and defend the faith. I am privileged to share my discovery of the truth with all but particularly with the Catholics of the UK who have been faithful to the Church for so many years. I hope to learn a lot from all of you as well.
    Steve Ray

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